We receive just over 30% Government funding for the vital services we provide to the community and none for any of our dog services. Learn the many ways you can support Guide Dogs

Puppy Raising

Take a puppy into your home and heart

Our puppies need people living in the Adelaide area to give them a loving home for about one year.

Our special Guide Dog puppies are placed with their Puppy Raising families at about eight weeks of age and can spend up to 14 months in the care of their new family.

When the  puppies have completed all the requirements of socialisation, they leave their Puppy Raiser's home and return to us to be placed with a Home Boarding family to start the next stage of their journey – entering assessment and training to become a guide or Autism Assistance Dog.

It's difficult saying goodbye to the puppy, but it's a wonderful feeling to know that you have contributed to the training of a Guide Dog that will one day make a positive difference to somebody’s life and there's always the opportunity to continue Puppy Raising.

Learn more about becoming a Puppy Raiser today.

Even the smallest donation works hard

Regular gifts such as Workplace Giving help us plan ahead, providing support when it is most needed and ensuring continuity of our services to vision or hearing impaired clients.

Donations can be taken directly from your pay - pre-tax. You nominate the amount you wish to donate each pay cycle and your payroll system takes care of the rest.

Learn more about Workplace giving.

Every role is vital

Volunteers are key to the work of Guide Dogs. Each of our Volunteers makes an important and valuable contribution to the work of our organisation.

A variety of work is available for Volunteers between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm, Monday to Friday as well as some evening and weekend work for special events, promotions and programs.

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We thank you

Our partners are instrumental in our vision to improve the quality of lives of people living with a disability in South Australia. We sincerely thank all of our corporate sponsors and supporters for their generous support.

As we aspire to grow and proudly become a leader in the disability sector, learn more about how our partnership opportunities can assist your business.

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