Puppy Sponsorship

You can become an integral part of helping our pups become a highly skilled Guide Dog or Autism Assistance Dog


Sponsorship is the gift of independence

By making a regular gift to Guide Dogs, you can help turn cute puppies into highly skilled, trained Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, or Therapy Dogs.

By sponsoring your very own litter of pups, you’ll share their joys and triumphs, as they train for their new career – and you’ll be helping people living with a vision impairment live with greater mobility and independence  and  the families of children living with severe Autism, more comfort, safety and inclusion.

“If you did not show your support by donating toward those little bundles of joy, our puppies, and their journey to become Guide Dogs or Autism Assistance Dogs, I wouldn’t be standing here today with my lovely Guide Dog and companion. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Margaret Williams

Become a Puppy Sponsor


Your support can change lives

With limited NDIS funding towards our Autism Assistance Dog program, Guide Dogs relies heavily on the publics support. Our training never stops. Month in and month out, we’re turning new pups into premium Guide Dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs, or Therapy Dogs – at a cost in excess of $35,000 for each dog! To do that, we need ongoing regular support.


Imagine the difference you can make

If you’ve ever seen a Guide Dog or Autism Assistance Dog in action, you’ll know what amazing animals they are. Highly disciplined, skilled and dependable, they offer an enhanced quality of life for individuals with impaired vision and children with severe Autism – and their families. They can make all the difference to someone’s quality of life. But this is possible only with your kind support.


This is only possible with your suppawt

Training of puppies starts almost immediately in the Puppy Development Centre, before they enter the loving homes of Volunteer Puppy Raisers at approximately ten weeks. Then, aged around 12–18 months, they come back to us as young dogs and begin intensive schooling.

It costs in excess of $35,000 to raise and train just one Guide Dog or Autism Assistance Dog to the high standards needed to change someone’s life. With your help we can make that possible.

Yes! I want to help.

Select your monthly Puppy Sponsorship contribution.

Bronze Puppy Sponsors

Supports the breeding and early development of a litter of puppies

Silver Puppy Sponsors

Supports the initial training of maturing puppies

Gold Puppy Sponsors

Supports the intensive development of trainee Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs

Platinum Puppy Sponsors

Support clients through the matching and placement of Guide Dogs and Autism Assistance Dogs

Custom Amount

Choose another amount you wish to donate each month to sponsor our Guide Dog puppies

Meet Our Litters

Puppy Training starts almost immediately in the Puppy Development Centre, before they enter the loving homes of our Volunteer Puppy Raisers at around eight weeks old. Then, approximately 12–18 months later, the puppies return to us before intensive schooling.

Q & R Litter

Q & R Litter

The Q & R Litter pups were born at the Guide Dogs' Puppy Development Centre at Morphett Street.

Meet the Q & R Litter

G and I Litters

G and I Litters

Please welcome the G&I Litters! Gem, Gilbert, Gizmo, Imani and Iris.

Meet the G and I Litter