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Paw Prints Spring 2015

August 24th, 2015

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Highlights include:

An update on how your support of Ryder's recent campaign has changed life for him and his family, now that he has been matched with Autism Assistance Dog, Griffin.

Read the inspiring story of Joanne Chua, who's limited vision allows her to see only daylight, shadows and some colours. Despite this, Joanne is a true inspiration to us all, not letting her vision impairment stop her from experiencing all of the excitement that life has to offer.

We celebrate a win with South Australian Suppawter Joyce, and Territorian Suppawter George; winners in the latest Tango & Cash Lottery, and share how you too can be a winner, all while supporting Guide Dogs.

If you are having trouble hearing, discover your opportunity to take part in a research project with Guide Dogs and Flinders University, and have your hearing assessed for free!

Finally, get involved with our upcoming events, Dining in the Dark and City-Bay 'Jog 4 a Dog' with Team Tango. We'd love to see you there!

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