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Hear the future - It's World Hearing Day!

March 3rd, 2018

Hear the future and prepare for it – it’s World Hearing Day!

Did you know that people with profound hearing loss can’t hear a household smoke alarm?

At Guide Dogs SA/NT we are much #morethandogs and have a range of services and equipment for people to maximise their available hearing, including special smoke alarms. The scheme is free to eligible participants.

Home fire safety is a vital issue for us all – and we should all have adequate smoke alarms and a fire escape plan.

The majority of home fire fatalities occur during the night because there is inadequate warning to the sleeping occupant. A smoke alarm can provide an early warning - giving people a better chance to get out.

Special smoke alarms systems from Brooks Australia features a combination of audible, visual and tactile alerts, designed to alert occupants with hearing loss in the event of a fire.

Check out if you are eligible for the scheme.

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